About Me

I graduated for the Univeristy of California, San Diego in Fall 2020 with a B.S. in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences and a minor in Mathematics. I currently hold two research positions in Laboratories at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography: (1) undergraduate researcher for Professor Sarah T. Gille and Dr. Bia Villas Boas, and (2) staff research associate for the Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory. For the Gille Lab, we are exploring the intraannual variability of significant wave height and the effects of local wind events on the wave climate using a combination of remote sensing observations and WaveWatchIII model hindcast. I have submitted a paper entitled “The Seasonal Cycle of Significant Wave Height in the Ocean: Local vs Remote Forcing” to the Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans (currently under review). For the Air-Sea Interaction Lab, I am working with Luc Lenain, Nicholas Pizzo, and Laurent Grare on better understanding the nature of measurements taken aboard the semi-Lagrangian Wave Glider platform. Aspects of the Wave Glider that need to be better understood include the influence of the mean platform speed on spectral wave observations and how sea surface skewness relates to the mean height of instruments mounted on the platform.

My research interests include air-sea interactions at the meso- and submeso-scale levels such as the exchange of momentum, heat, gasses, and energy. My interests also include investigating the pivotal role of small scale processes, such as surface gravity waves and Langmuir circulations, in mediating these exchanges. More generally, I am interested in holistically understanding how multiple components of the air-sea system interact to give us the observed dynamics present in our world’s oceans.

In addition to research, I am passionate about teaching and mentoring. To pass on my knowledge of scientific computing on to my peers and people new to research, I became a certified instructor for The Carpentries in Fall 2020. As an instructor, I organize and teach Software Carpentry Workshops with the goal of improving students’ data literacy and programming skills.

For my pastime activities, I enjoy surfing, rock-climbing, and running.