Active Research Projects

Better Understanding the nature of the Measurements taken aboard the Wave Glider Platform.


In Jaunary 2021, I began a 5-month appointment in the Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory working with Luc Lenain, Nicholas Pizzo, and Laurent Grare on a project investigating how to better understand the nature of measurements taken aboard the semi-Lagrangian Wave Glider platform.

Figure 1

Aspects of the Wave Glider that need to better understood include:

  1. Influence of the mean platform speed (i.e. Eulerian verse Quasi-Lagrangian observations of the sea-surface)
  2. The projection of the free surface geometry configurations on the measurements: How does sea-surface skewness relate to the mean height of an instrument on the platform?

To explore how these aspects of the Wave Glider observational platform influence the measurements at the sea-surface, we strive for the following observational and theoretical goals. Observational, our goals for this project are to:

  1. Explicitly show and characterize differences in Eulerian and Lagrangian measurement arising from currents high resolution measurements over a broad range of environmental conditions. Examples of spectral differences between these two perspectives of the sea-surface will be explored.
  2. Provide a correction for the novel uncrewed Wave Glider platforms to compare with other instrument platforms.

Theoretically, our goal is to resolving the role of any background shear flow in modulating the (directional) spectrum. In addition, we will create a series of instructional animations illustrating the difference between Eulerian and Lagrangian/quasi-Lagrangian measurements (aboard the Wave glider).